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News Monthly Archives: July 2015

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The JOGX-T series is back!

The series is now officially launched!

This year we present 5 events:

August 16th 2015 (sunday)
September 20th 2015 (sunday)
October 4th 2015 (sunday)
October 24th 2015 (saturday night) The werewolf race
November 15th 2015 (sunday) the final

NEW features!

-Totally new race course; all starts ar from the La sucrerie de la montagne!(breakfast available after the race!)
-A relay race 5 km (5 laps of 1 km)
-A 2k Walking (no timing))
-A 4k Canicross race (racing with your dog).

We still keep the event at an affordable price.
Always a festive and family ambiance!

Here’s the link for registration:

La Sucrerie de la Montagne is located at
300 Chemin St-Georges
Rigaud, Qc
J0P 1P0