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News Monthly Archives: November 2015

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Running with a cold, should you do it?

We regularly hear comments from runners or athletes saying they are forced to suspend their training since they are colds. In reality are they wrong?

 According to a recent study, a workout from medium to cardio intensity causes no significant difference in increasing the cold symptoms or upper respiratory infection.

 In the presence of mild symptoms (runny nose, mild sore throat ...) you can continue to train. It would be wise to reduce the duration and especially the intensity of your workouts, especially early in infection, when you do not know if your condition will get worse.

 If the symptoms are severe (cough, congested lungs, difficulty breathing, body aches, muscle heaviness)  quit without hesitation intensive training for at least four days and expect to be fully recovered before resuming. A break of a few days will have no effect on your fitness while conversely, a too much early come back in training may delay your recovery and even cause complications. If fatigue is still present after the symptoms have faded, just keep only half of your normal training volume during the first week of recovery and avoid any violent effort that would seek a large lung work. Also avoid training session with friends who would likely set you into challenges you could not resist.

 Everything should be back to normal after a few days!
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The JOGX-Pert Chronicle

You want to keep running this winter but you are afraid to have cold feet or have a fall? So what? 

Several options may be available to let you enjoy the pleasures of winter running.
First, be aware that many of the runners will run throughout the year regardless of the weather. The majority of them will run with the same shoe they wore during the summer. Some will use the same socks and others will prefer using a warmer fabric like Merino wool  that will provide a warmer sensation like  the Icebreaker merino wool socks. The advantage of these socks is to keep you warm even if there are humid!
For the ones who are more sensitive to cold, you can get a pair of running shoe with a windproof membrane. For example the Saucony Kinvara Runshield. This shoe will prevent too much air flow and the wind chill factor that cool the foot. This combination with merino wool socks will keep your feet warm. However, this shoe has its limits. The adherence to the ground is not increased! This is why there are shoes that have the same insulating but with a bit more sole grip or with crampons, like the Saucony Nomad Tr and the Salomon Speedcross CS. These two models provide you a better grip on the ground while blocking the wind! To maximize grip, you can opt for metal spike. They optimize your ground grip on snow or the ice. But be careful, make sure you get crampons made for running.

The last factor to consider is to keep your feet dry as much as possible. It’s a challenge in itself with our wet snow routes, commonly called the ‘slush’! Here we have two options to offer. The first will be to have a complete waterproof sock. And yes, the option is available! A new  material is carred by Dexshell.  The Dexshelle Ultralite or Thermlite (with wool). These socks are designed to be 100% waterproof while keeping excellent breathebility. So no wetness effect! Amazing isn’t it?
 Finally, the cream of the crop, The warmer winter shoes with crampons and waterproof Goretex membrane  The Salomon SpeedCross 3 GTX will certainly charm you and meet all your needs! As you can see, it is easy to find solutions to run all winter. All these products are available at JOGX!
Have a nice run!

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Last race of the season; JOGX-T series (sunday november 15th 2015)

Date: Sunday, November 15, at la Sucrerie de la Montagne on the Chemin St-George, Rigaud.

Open to all, even if it is the last and the decisive race to crown the champions of the series!

$ 10 / child (11 and under), $ 15 / Adult if you register online (see link below) 

For the occasion, all participants will receive a beautiful medal. The champions will receive a distinctive medal and the first in each category will engrave their names on the trophies that are permanently exposed at the Jogx boutique.

Also, We will conduct draws of  ICEBREAKER clothing and SALOMON will be there for free trial of Salomon shoes.

Please take note that  you will be able to get your bibs and on-site registration (add $ 5) between 9:00 and 10:00 am. The race will begin with the Canicross & 2km walk at 10:30, followed at 11:00 1km, 4km and 7km at 11:15 to complete the 5x1km relay immediately after the arrival of the last participant of 7km (12 am-12:10).

Also note, that La Sucrerie de la montagne offers participants a taste “Crepes and Coffee” for $ 10 + taxes, the tickets will be sold on site and you can also predict the purchase via the registration form attached:

Invite friends and family, share the link!