We’re so happy to be able to share with you our passion for running – and our scientific approach to it – because we’ve been simply mad about this amazing sport for so many years.

As we’re not just runners, but also experts in biomechanical analysis, we guarantee our products will be perfectly adapted to your needs, minimise your potential for injuries, and maximise your pleasure.

Welcome to the world of smart jogging.

The founders of Jog X Bernard Audet - Eric Boucher - Bruno Blais

Bernard is a bit of a sports fanatic, having come up riding mountain bikes, and spending 15 years on the local and provincial competitive circuit. In 2006, the year he began running, he also entered his 1st triathlon, and he’s kept on running – and improving – ever since.

In 2008, Bernard regularly took part in runs, completing his 1st half-Ironman in Muskoka that year. The next year, he took part in the long triathlon in Muskoka, Ironman 70.3 on Rhode Island, and 2 other half-Ironman events in Québec. That fall, he completed his 1st marathon, Good Life Fitness in Toronto – finishing within 8 minutes of qualifying for the mythic Boston Athletic Association Marathon.

2010 was dedicated pretty much exclusively to training for the Cozumel Ironman, which he completed in November of that year. A few months later, during the Canadian long-distance triathlon in Magog, he qualified to join the national team, going on to represent Canada during the ITU world championship long-distance event in Las Vegas in November, 2011.

Bernard managed to tear himself away from the track long enough to get a Masters in Management Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Labour Relations. He also has nearly 18 years of experience in human resources under his belt.