We’re so happy to be able to share with you our passion for running – and our scientific approach to it – because we’ve been simply mad about this amazing sport for so many years.

As we’re not just runners, but also experts in biomechanical analysis, we guarantee our products will be perfectly adapted to your needs, minimise your potential for injuries, and maximise your pleasure.

Welcome to the world of smart jogging.

The founders of Jog X Bruno Blais - Bernard Audet - Eric Boucher

For Bruno, every day is another opportunity for exercise. He comes from a very active family, and got into sports through cross-country skiing, which he took up competitively on the local and provincial circuits with his father as his trainer.

Since Bruno loves all kinds of sports, he was soon swimming and playing badminton with local teams, and finding that his endurance and cardiovascular assets stood him in good stead. He also ran, and got involved enough in mountain biking – going on to win a Québec championship in the senior expert category, and taking part in elite competitions in Québec for 4 years.

When he moved to Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Bruno joined the Tri-O-Lacs triathlon club, getting into such remarkable shape that, after only 3 years, he qualified for Xterra world Championships in Hawaii (a triathlon incorporating mountain biking) and the world championship long-distance triathlon in Las Vegas.

For Bruno, physical activity goes beyond training, though. When he was a student he already worked at other sports-related jobs: lifeguard for several summers, private trainer and consultant for mountain-bike athletes, trainer and private trainer at Énergie Cardio, and sales person in the sports boutique. And, as you would imagine, he is as perfectionist and disciplined in work as he is about his training.

Bruno taught primary and secondary school for 10 years after getting his bachelor’s degree in health and physical education, and he is still an academic advisor in that field. With his experience and holistic viewpoint, it wasn’t long before Bruno was invited to sit on several school boards, executive groups and steering committees.