We’re so happy to be able to share with you our passion for running – and our scientific approach to it – because we’ve been simply mad about this amazing sport for so many years.

As we’re not just runners, but also experts in biomechanical analysis, we guarantee our products will be perfectly adapted to your needs, minimise your potential for injuries, and maximise your pleasure.

Welcome to the world of smart jogging.




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NEW: Training group for beginners starting april 2sd 2018

As winter draws to a close, it’s time to think about leaving behind indoor activities and getting some fresh air.

We are starting a group of beginners on April 2, 2018 (first session Monday evening 7:30 pm) with an instructor dedicated to this group!

Registrations are open!

Schedule of this group:

Monday from 19:30 to 20:30


Wednesday from 17 to 18h.

If we get enough participants (minimum 5) we will open a second beginner’s group on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Come and see us at the store!

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The return back of the Werewolf race (Oct. 29th 2016)

Be part of the 4th edition of this annual fun race in Rigaud.

Next Oct. 29th at 18:30, try to run into the magnificient trails of ”Les sentiers de l’escapade” in Rigaud

3 available distances:  1km for kids under 11

4 km and 7km for adult and kids of 12 and over

Headlamp is mandatory.

Access through St-Georges road, free parking at ”La Sucrerie de la montagne”, the starting line will be across the street in the beginning of the trail.

It’s possible to register the day of the event with a supplement  of 5$ (in that case, you must register at least 1 hour before the start)

Registration link:









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Karine Champagne is to performed a second conference at JOGX on february 24th 2016

Karine Champagne is the founder of the movement ”Les mères Veilleuses”  an outstanding group of people wich provide motivation, help and support among women who wish to regain control on their life by adopting a balance and heathty lifestyle. 

Learn about her unusual life path from a position of well known TV presentater trough her epic battle against mental depression. The key element of her healing was starting running…


Here’s the link for registration:


The conference will be performed in french. 

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The JOGX Interior marathon is back in 2016!

Our famous Interior Marathon is back in 2016! Sporting event to be held Sunday, February 7th, 2016 at the Multisports Centre in Vaudreuil-Dorion. Several distances available to have fun and challenge yourself! 1 km, 5 km, 10 km, half marathon and a full marathon of 42.2 km. Not forgetting our challenge JOGX!
Follow this link to register! 

Benefit on an early registration DISCOUNT from December second 2015 to January 15th 2016!
1km = $ 15
5km = $ 40
10km = $ 45
21.1km = $ 85
42.2km = $ 85
Challenge JOGX = $ 25
Register early because the event is being hold inside, that's why places are limited!
The JOGX Challenge? 4 competitors start simultaneously at a distance of 50m each on the track. You must elimminate the competitor in front of you in the overtaking! The race ends when there is only one runner on the track and then you pass to the next round until the last runner is eliminated, you then win the purse !!!! You have a maximum of 10 minutes toeliminate the other racers. Pleasure and challenge guaranted! 
Welcome all it's a go for 2016!
Your team JOGX
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Annual pause in training?

We are reaching now a period of the year when many athletes take an annual rest after their long racing season.
But a question subsist, do an annual rest or a significant decrease in your workouts for several weeks, can cause a significant drop in your physical qualities hardly won throughout the year?
The scientific studies on ‘detraining’ arrive at three conclusions.
1- For athletes in overtraining, complete rest for three to four weeks will improve performance. This study, performed by the British Olympic Medical Center, were conducted among twelve Olympians in overtraining, they have seen a significant improvement in VO2 max after complete rest for 3 to 5 weeks.
2- When you reduce your cardio workout without completely interrupting, little physical ability is lost if the rest is up to one month. These are the conclusions of a study by the University of Maastricht, Netherlands. They asked a group of twelve high performance cyclists to restrict their training (volume reduction by half ) for three weeks. The laboratory tests that followed this period showed that there was no significant decrease in their performance.
3- There will likely be a reduction of your physical abilities if you hibernate too long. According to Inigo Mujika, a Basque researcher recognized for his research on overtraining, for athletes who are not experiencing overtraining, an interruption in training that would last more than four weeks would have significantly reduced the effect of physical parameters (VO2max, PAM , endurance).
In short, the more you have ” pushed ” the machine during the year and you’re exhausted late in the season, the more you’ve got to observe a complete break of a few weeks. If you are not too tired of your season, you should still reduce your training volume of about three weeks.
The benefits of a full or partial annual rest are:
-The Reduction of risk of injury or wear overtraining
-The Opportunity to make time to take care and heal the sores accumulated during the year.
-A Renewed energy and motivation to start again next season.

Have a Good race!

Bernard Audet
JOGX co-owner and running coach Level 2

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Running with a cold, should you do it?

We regularly hear comments from runners or athletes saying they are forced to suspend their training since they are colds. In reality are they wrong?

 According to a recent study, a workout from medium to cardio intensity causes no significant difference in increasing the cold symptoms or upper respiratory infection.

 In the presence of mild symptoms (runny nose, mild sore throat ...) you can continue to train. It would be wise to reduce the duration and especially the intensity of your workouts, especially early in infection, when you do not know if your condition will get worse.

 If the symptoms are severe (cough, congested lungs, difficulty breathing, body aches, muscle heaviness)  quit without hesitation intensive training for at least four days and expect to be fully recovered before resuming. A break of a few days will have no effect on your fitness while conversely, a too much early come back in training may delay your recovery and even cause complications. If fatigue is still present after the symptoms have faded, just keep only half of your normal training volume during the first week of recovery and avoid any violent effort that would seek a large lung work. Also avoid training session with friends who would likely set you into challenges you could not resist.

 Everything should be back to normal after a few days!
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The JOGX-Pert Chronicle

You want to keep running this winter but you are afraid to have cold feet or have a fall? So what? 

Several options may be available to let you enjoy the pleasures of winter running.
First, be aware that many of the runners will run throughout the year regardless of the weather. The majority of them will run with the same shoe they wore during the summer. Some will use the same socks and others will prefer using a warmer fabric like Merino wool  that will provide a warmer sensation like  the Icebreaker merino wool socks. The advantage of these socks is to keep you warm even if there are humid!
For the ones who are more sensitive to cold, you can get a pair of running shoe with a windproof membrane. For example the Saucony Kinvara Runshield. This shoe will prevent too much air flow and the wind chill factor that cool the foot. This combination with merino wool socks will keep your feet warm. However, this shoe has its limits. The adherence to the ground is not increased! This is why there are shoes that have the same insulating but with a bit more sole grip or with crampons, like the Saucony Nomad Tr and the Salomon Speedcross CS. These two models provide you a better grip on the ground while blocking the wind! To maximize grip, you can opt for metal spike. They optimize your ground grip on snow or the ice. But be careful, make sure you get crampons made for running.

The last factor to consider is to keep your feet dry as much as possible. It’s a challenge in itself with our wet snow routes, commonly called the ‘slush’! Here we have two options to offer. The first will be to have a complete waterproof sock. And yes, the option is available! A new  material is carred by Dexshell.  The Dexshelle Ultralite or Thermlite (with wool). These socks are designed to be 100% waterproof while keeping excellent breathebility. So no wetness effect! Amazing isn’t it?
 Finally, the cream of the crop, The warmer winter shoes with crampons and waterproof Goretex membrane  The Salomon SpeedCross 3 GTX will certainly charm you and meet all your needs! As you can see, it is easy to find solutions to run all winter. All these products are available at JOGX!
Have a nice run!