We’re so happy to be able to share with you our passion for running – and our scientific approach to it – because we’ve been simply mad about this amazing sport for so many years.

As we’re not just runners, but also experts in biomechanical analysis, we guarantee our products will be perfectly adapted to your needs, minimise your potential for injuries, and maximise your pleasure.

Welcome to the world of smart jogging.

Our scientific approach

At JOGX, our practice is based on solid scientific principles. Because we really do want you to have the shoe that fits your running profile, we are completely unswayed by commercial concerns when we recommend a running shoe.

The entire running shoe industry is currently in a state of flux. So many dependable, independent, objective studies have demonstrated that minimalist shoes are really the best. Nevertheless, some runners may need a shoe that provides additional support. In order to determine which is best for you, we’ve actually installed a treadmill in our store so we can analyse your running style. That way, you leave our store with the ideal shoe for you.

The perfect shoe would protect your skin from cuts and abrasions, water and cold, yet minimise the interface between your foot and the ground. In fact, the more your shoes are like no shoes at all, the better your foot’s neurophysiological response will be. In other words, the less the shoe interferes with your foot’s natural working mechanisms, the more your foot will benefit from and attenuate the impact forces naturally generated by the dynamics of running. It turns out the foot itself is the most exquisitely engineered system for enabling locomotion while absorbing the landing shock of your vertical body!.

Most stability and shock-absorption technologies in running shoes are superfluous, in the end. They’re simply not scientifically justified… and they’re demonstrably ineffective in diminishing impact on the bones, adjusting for natural pronation and preventing injury. You have to change over your shoe style progressively, though, so your body’s mechanics have time to adapt, and the demands on your foot and calf muscles change gradually.

Changing over to a less shock-absorbent thinner shoe, such as a racing-flat shoe or minimalist shoe can take a few months.

All our JOGX Boutique experts were trained by a physiotherapist, and keep up with important developments in the jogging world. In order to ensure the most appropriate, personalised technical advice that matches each runner’s performance level, type of practice (recreational or competitive) and objectives, we use a 6-stage approach : JOG Xam.

      1. Evaluation of your needs and physiognomy
      2. Analysis of your current running shoes
      3. Observation of your running technique on the treadmill
      4. Sharing technical information
      5. Proposing the appropriate product
      6. In-store trial
        That’s the JOG Xperience